F-1 You should rely only on the information contained in this prospectus. We have not authorized anyone to provide you with additional information or information different from that contained in this prospectus. If anyone provides you with different or additional information, you should not rely on it. This prospectus may only be used where it is legal to sell shares of our common stock. Neither this prospectus nor any prospectus supplement or free writing prospectus constitutes an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any of the securities offered hereby by any person in any jurisdiction in which it is unlawful for such person to make such an offering or solicitation. The information contained in this prospectus or any prospectus supplement or free writing prospectus is accurate only as of the date of this prospectus or such prospectus supplement or free writing prospectus, as applicable.

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This summary does not contain all of the information that you should consider before making an investment decision to purchase common stock in this offering. We believe that Wingate--TX strong balance sheet and independent access to multiple sources of capital support this strategy and will enable us to drive value for our stockholders. Our business, financial condition, of operations and prospects may have changed since such date.

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References in this prospectus to CCP's historical assets, liabilities, businesses and activities are generally intended to refer to the historical assets, liabilities, businesses and activities of the transferred businesses as the businesses were conducted as part of Ventas and its subsidiaries prior to the separation. We believe that our size, relationships and investment expertise enables us to identify and consummate accretive acquisitions to expand and iWngate-TX diversify our portfolio.

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Last night we had some fun with some friends of ours that we met here who shall remain unmentioned unless they choose to share. While we believe the industry, market and competitive position information included in this prospectus is generally reliable, such information is inherently imprecise. Over time, we expect to work closely with certain of our operators to identify and capitalize on opportunities to enhance the operations of our facilities through capital investment.

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The result is that properties that were once concentrated with larger public operators were re-leased wufe new regional and local operators with lower cost structures and Wingare-TX knowledge of their particular markets, broadening our tenant base and expanding our pipeline of new investment opportunities. In addition, our triple-net lease structure provides a measure of protection from variability in operator cash flows. We believe that we are poised to take advantage of those opportunities.

We work collaboratively with our operators, selectively investing capital to help them achieve their growth and business objectives. Anyway, we had a lot of fun. We believe that we are well positioned for disciplined growth, with the ability to capitalize on attractive investment opportunities and favorable industry dynamics.

Driving Returns on Existing Properties through Incremental Investments Certain members of our management team have ificant experience evaluating the operational and financial performance of SNF operators. You should not assume that the information contained in this prospectus is accurate as of any other date. These escalator provisions help to support our cash rental stream. SNF operators receive payment for these services through a combination of government reimbursement, including Medicare and Medicaid and private sources.

As a more flexible, SNF-focused REIT, we intend to capitalize on this opportunity by actively participating as a consolidator in this fragmented industry. A wider definition says that any time a couple brings in a third party, they are swinging threesomes. When the opportunities are attractive, we may finance the redevelopment or expansion of our properties, generating higher lease rates while improving the quality of our assets.

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Patients and residents generally Wihgate-TX to SNFs to receive post-acute care to recover from an illness or surgery or long-term care with skilled nursing assistance to aid with numerous daily living activities. The hard line for soft swinging Wingatd-TX no intercourse between non-mates. Anyway, I was curious about what "Soft Swap" is.

But a lot of watching does go on -- and possibly some touching -- a touchy matter best negotiated in advance. While dependence on government reimbursement is not without certain challenges, our management's experience and relationships with SNF operators enable us to better navigate these challenges.

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These operators own many of the facilities they operate, which creates swsp for us to grow our portfolio through sale-leaseback transactions that are attractive to the operators because they provide liquidity to grow their businesses. Our Strengths We possess a of competitive advantages that distinguish us from our competitors, including: Contractual Cash Flows Supported by Triple-Net Leases with Embedded Growth We lease all of our real estate properties to third-party operators under triple-net leases, pursuant to which the tenants are obligated to pay all property-related expenses, including maintenance, utilities, repairs, taxes, insurance and capital expenditures.

We intend to sap manage our leverage and interest wkfe risk by refinancing our short-term floating rate debt, entering into hedging arrangements, lengthening and staggering our debt maturities and maintaining our access to multiple sources of liquidity. We support our ability to generate attractive returns on a long-term basis by structuring our leases with a variety of favorable provisions.

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Government reimbursement is a key factor supporting the revenues and profitability of SNF operators. SNF operators generally receive revenue through reimbursement from the federal and state funded Medicare and Medicaid programs, as well as private insurers. We believe that this combination provides continuity to our business and customers, in addition to new perspectives on driving future growth for the benefit of stakeholders.

Both females were unfortunately limited by a monthly condition Specifically, we pursue a strategy of leasing properties to multiple tenants in each of our markets and leasing multiple properties to each of our tenants, which helps us to expand our expertise and relationships in a given market, while also helping us to diversify and mitigate risk. Company Overview CCP is a self-administered, self-managed REIT engaged in Wihgate-TX ownership, acquisition and leasing of SNFs and other healthcare assets operated by private regional and local care providers.

We have not authorized anyone to provide you with additional swa; or information different from that aife in this prospectus.

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Our tenants generally have strong cash flow-to-rent coverage, which is an indication of their ability to pay the rent due under our leases. Ssap, Dedicated and Disciplined Management Team Our company is led by a highly experienced and dedicated executive management team comprised of individuals who were ly employed by Ventas, as well as externally recruited executives.

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We have no current plan aife intention to use limited partnership units in the Operating Partnership as consideration for properties we acquire; however, we believe that the flexibility to do so in the future gives us an advantage in making acquisitions. We expect to leverage this expertise to drive controlled growth at our existing properties.

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As a result, this structure may facilitate our acquisition of assets in a more efficient manner or allow us to acquire assets that the owner would otherwise be unwilling to sell because of tax considerations. The dynamics swsp the SNF industry swaap create an opportunity for attractive returns. SNFs provide comprehensive delivery of care to these residents at a relatively low cost. We believe we can develop and expand our relationships with our existing tenants, who collectively operate properties throughout the U.

Wingate-TX swap wife

The SNF industry is expected to benefit WingateTX current and projected near-term demographic, economic and regulatory trends driving demand for post-acute and long-term care services provided by SNFs. The demand for SNFs is based on the medical needs of residents who may have been discharged from a hospital and are in need of rehabilitation or restorative care and long-term residents who require assistance with numerous activities of daily living.

Treatment programs include physical, occupational, speech, respiratory and other therapies, including sap clinical protocols such as wound care and intravenous drug treatment.

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In particular, an UPREIT structure enables us to acquire additional properties from sellers in exchange for limited partnership units, which provides property owners the opportunity 5 Table of Contents to defer the tax consequences that would otherwise arise from a sale of their real properties and other assets to us. With its focus exclusively on developing our portfolio, our management team will use this expertise to create a capital structure tailored to our asset base and investment opportunities.

Our management team has an accomplished record of successfully identifying and executing acquisition opportunities and possesses the knowledge and experience that we believe puts us in an excellent position to participate as a consolidator in a fragmented industry. Our long-term acute care hospitals serve medically-complex, chronically-ill patients who require high levels of monitoring and specialized care, but whose conditions do not necessitate the continued services of an intensive care unit.

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We expect to capitalize on our relationships and experience to enhance our forward growth profile. Is it soft swap if all the attention is on the swapped partner, and almost zip on your own until afterwards? F-1 You should rely only on the information contained in this prospectus. All of our long-term Wingte-TX care hospitals are freestanding facilities, and we do not own any "hospitals within hospitals. View other swwap from couples telling their wife swapping stories.