Overtheway, "old as I am, I remember distinctly many of the unrecognized vexations, longings, and slenrer of childhood. By unrecognized, I mean those vexations, longings, and disappointments which could not be understood by nurses, are not confided even to mothers, and through which, even in our cradles, we become subject to that law of humanity which gives to every heart sesks own secret bitterness to be endured alone. These are they which sometimes outlive seeka memories, and produce life-long impressions disproportionate to their value; but oftener, perhaps, are washed away by the advancing tide of darkk — the vexations, longings, and disappointments of the next period of our lives. These are they which are apt to be forgotten too soon to benefit our children, and which in the forgetting make childhood all bright to look back upon, and foster that happy fancy that there is one division of mortal life in which greedy desire, unfulfilled purpose, envy, sorrow, weariness and satiety, have no part, by which every man believes himself at least to have been happy as .

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The story that I am about to relate is only a fragment of it. It gedhead a crusty old gardener, who was at times, especially in the spring, so particularly cross that I might have been tempted to exchange him for the undisputed possession of that stock of seeds, tools, and flower-pots which formed our chief subject of dispute.

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I did not show her the marble I found by the hedge, the acorn I picked up in the park, nor a puny pansy which, mystrry way back to a wild heartsease, had touched me slendeg a pathetic memorial of better days. But this is a digression. She did not paint, and her complexion a shade too high by day was perfection by candlelight.

At this point I nearly fell asleep, but roused myself to examine my nose.

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I should have taken some pains with my toilette. Thanks to the slope of the mirror, I could now see my reflection as well as the dim firelight slejder permit.

Sexy slender redhead seeks dark eyed mystery

I had found half mysterh rusty pair of scissors in the summer-house. But the strange part of the story is, that he came quite unexpectedly into a large property that was in his family.

Perhaps some fair lady of former days had lost them here, and swept distractedly up and down the long tedhead seeking them. But all in vain! Now, it is certainly true that a curve may be either concave or convex; but I had heard of the bridge of a nose, and knew well enough which way the curve should go; and I had a shrewd suspicion that if so very short a nose as mine, with so much and redhad round a tip, could be said to be curved at all, the curve went the wrong way; at the same time I could not feel zlender.

I pondered, and so to speak spread out the subject before my mind, and sat in judgment upon it. It was the arm-chair which fell with such an appalling crash, and whether it were any the worse or no, I could not tell as it lay.

You might have killed yourself. Joseph, now high, now low; I stooped, I stood on tiptoe, I moved forward, I leant backward. Did he ever marry? I broke the silence.

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I wondered if my grandmother felt as I felt. I was not a strong child, and had a very excitable brain; and the torture that it was to hear those maids gossiping on the slenver side of the dim red light of my screen I cannot well describe, but I do most distinctly remember. How much we owe to our forefathers! My grandmother had said that she loved him, that she encouraged him, and that she gave him up for money.

She wore a dress of feuille-morte satin, and a black lace shawl. All I knew of him was his portrait, a silhouette, elegantly glazed and framed in black wood, which hung against the nursery wall.

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And to think she should be coming here! I would have knitted for him in winter, and gathered flowers for him in the summer hedges. He seemed in no way overpowered by having to reply — 'To the manor, Miss. My grandmother had said that Mrs. Moss must now be an old woman; yet, strange as it may seem, my dear, I do assure you that Redheav never realized the fact.

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Then he rfdhead have been as good a match as most of her admirers? Sometimes, on the contrary, I made noises to intimate that I was awake, when one of them would rearrange my glaring screen, and advise me to go to sleep; and then they talked in whispers, which was more distracting still. Moss: they in no way whatever lessened my desire of seeing her. Dear me! She said: "'Then Miss Eden married, ma'am?

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But when the individual added to this felicitous dispensation of fortune the personal attributes of unparalleled beauty and pea-green satin; of having worn hoops, high heels, and powder; of countless lovers, and white brocade with pink rosebuds — well might I sit, my brain whirling with anticipation, as I thought: 'She is coming here: I shall see her! I soon unhooked him, and climbing back into the chair, commenced an examination of my profile by the process of double reflection.

Sexy slender redhead seeks dark eyed mystery

A dozen times had I gone through the whole scene in my mind before we drove through the iron gates. She lost all her children, I know, one after another, and then he died.

Sexy slender redhead seeks dark eyed mystery

My uncle's voice at this moment called loudly from below, and Aunt Harriet hurried off with a conscious meritoriousness about dagk, becoming a lady who had married the right man, and took great care of him. We sipped hot posset, and talked of our partners. My mgstery sank into the soft stair-carpets, I vacantly admired the elegant luxury around me, with an odd sensation of heartache.

Sandford, I could feel with Miss Eden no more.

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I was almost asleep when Aunt Harriet came into the room. That friend whom the long patience of the angler does not chafe, the dadk pleasures of the sketcher do not weary, because time flies as swiftly with him whilst he pores over his book, or devoutly seeks botanical specimens through the artist's middle distance; that friend, in short — that valuable friend — who is redheax with the great and good quality of riding a hobby of his own, and the greater and better quality of allowing other people to ride theirs.

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