All branches of economic activity. Establishments All types and sizes of establishments and enterprises. Persons Employees with a contract of employment. Excluded are unpaid contributing family workers and the self-employed. Occupations Concepts and definitions Employment Employees are defined as persons working under a contract of employment, in exchange for a remuneration, irrespective of citizenship and duration of contract.

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The state and communities shall develop suitable conditions for citizens to obtain the housing.

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This does not solve the decrease of violence against women in the future. Support educational and cultural activities, development Slovkaia small villages, development of local administration, local activities, etc. From the viewpoint of the age, the highest of crimes committed on victims was in the range from 21 - 54 years with the total s of 2 cases.

Support new centers for violence victims asylum housesSkovakia. In the case the citizen becomes disabled or partly disabled, he is provided the disability pension or partial disability pension. The basic rights are guaranteed to all persons on the territory SR, regardless to the Sxe, race, colour of skin, language, religion and belief, political or other thinking, national or social origin, membership in the nationality or ethnic group, property, sex or other position.

In the Act No. Pursuant to the provision par.

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The difference Slovaika wages may also be caused by the difference in the performance, respectively quality of work, however, it relates both to men and women. State possibilities for economic activities of women, their self-employment, family enterprises, small and medium size companies, change the tax and credit policy, promote consultancy and information services, in regard with the specific position of businesswomen.

The causes may also be seen in unsuitable way of life and negative influence of environmental factors. They exclude cost-of-living, housing, transport and family allowances. The massive import of sexual acceleration, especially through electronic mass media, in the situation of confused ethic and moral values and doubled controversial presentation of a women have to do with the growth of violence against women.

Slovak republic: situation of sexual minorities within the roma community, including legislation; treatment by the roma community, state protection and support services, specifically in preŇ°ov and levoca areas ()

The artificial abortion is done in hospitals for a charge set up by the law. Immediately after delivery, the paediatrician takes care about the. The possibilities for a woman's career in the political area were, and are further on, conditioned by social conditions and family tasks. A part of the existing social security system is also the social care within which the relevant state bodies and communities provide the assistance to citizens whose living needs are not sufficiently covered by incomes from earning activities, pension or sickness insurance benefits, activith.

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Establishments All types and sizes of establishments and enterprises. The equal rights of men and women are guaranteed by all general obligatory legal regulations in the remuneration area in the public and private sector for work of equal value and performance of equal activities. The decisive input in the social policy to the housing area is the legislative amendment and housing benefits.

Sex activity Slovakia

Such an approach should in principle change also for instance the view to the health protection of workers in the detrimental environment what might have the impact upon the reproduction function, i. In that time, the women's representation in parliaments of countries in the Central and Eastern Europe decreased from the average of The support at the attendance of a family member is provided maximum for the period of first seven working days, if the care attendance is necessary during these days.

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One of already traditionally monitored parameters of women's participation in the political decision making is the representation of women in the parliament. International recommendations The definition of earnings conforms to the international guidelines, but benefits such as cost-of-living, housing, transport or family allowances paid directly by the employer, are excluded from the concept activitt earnings in the Slovak Republic.

Sex activity Slovakia

The development of partnership and co-operation in the relationship between men and women, elimination of residues of men's dominance in the society, are important assumptions to develop the democratic society. Support jobs with shorter working time. The last research from which data about household income were taken, was done by the Research Institute of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in October To bring to real life equal opportunities for women in the family, at work and in the society Provisions: Promote and monitor human and civil rights of women.

The housing problem relates also to cases when a woman is repeatedly exposed to physical violence, either at the divorce, before it or after it.

Sex activity Slovakia

The nucleus of the conflict between the professional and family role of a woman consists especially in the fact that the choice between the household and employment is not free. Media activities, aimed to accelerate the crystallisation of positive men's attitudes to equal women's position and neutralisation of negative phenomena in everyday situations in personal life, labour and public sphere of the life, appear to be urgent.

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With regard to income situation in these households, the opinion is interesting how they perceive the situation from the viewpoint of satisfying their needs, how they look at the future economic development, whether they have a feeling of poverty in their situation. The preventive measure in the care about women's health is also to create favourable conditions for a free decision whether she wants to or does not want to have.

Sex activity Slovakia

It also Slovskia valid for the development of conditions to implement women's family and social tasks within the state and non-state family policy in a free and selective way. Beside monitoring the blood count twice during the pregnancy, the women are examined to syphilis, the blood group and Rh-factor are determined in order to follow a possible Rh conflict.

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Practically, the law protects them against it - activkty relatively, the majority of women is classified for lower tariff levels. At the end ofSR had 5 inhabitants, of it Promote the restriction of violance in mass media, change of programme structure and transmitting times with the aim to eliminate the violance and drug addiction. In a high extent, the women get identified with this high responsibility and understands it as a privilege, moral predominance what follows especially from their mother's and family tasks.

Sex activity Slovakia

The lack of temporary asylum centres, resp. In the registered unemployment development, with regard to the sex, a certain seasonal character may be observed, Slobakia namely the lowest at women is in the first months of the yearincreasing during summer months, while the peak is reached after the end activuty these seasonal works - in October - November.

An increasing tendency has, however, a non-married coexistence form, what was till recently a sporadic phenomenon in Slovakia.

Sex activity Slovakia

There is a high of households feeling the poverty in a certain sense, in concrete life situation - The housing issues of women and families The residential policy issues and housing problems are based upon so called civic principle, and it is not possible to define clearly the problems of a direct, resp. The priorities of the Slovak government are: I.