By Kokil Sharma Sep. The truth is true love is an extension of our own true nature. What we are, we attract.

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And if that's the type of relationship you want, that's great. You Love Them Romantically Ever catch yourself saying that you love your partner "as a person"?

One Sdeking to do so is by purposefully spending more time togetherespecially if busy schedules have pulled you apart. It's common for couples to have sex less frequently once the honeymoon stage of a relationship ends. Everything needs to grow to survive: plants, animals and all living cells on this planet. It comes to us when we least expect it. Fearlessness Where there is true love, there is no fear: fear of commitment, fear of making mistakes or fear of hurting someone.

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That doesn't mean that you need to be head-over-heels for your partner every single day, in order to be truly in love. True love changes us and how we think. They know when to shut up and when to say the things that need carinng be said. But friendly feelings like these may mean you're not really, truly, and deeply in love.

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True love is attracted to us when we believe that we are truly attractive. Trust Needless to say, trust is the most basic foundation of true love. And ultimately, it's up to you to define what it daring means. They share a common life objective and work together to achieve their goals.

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True love is there to celebrate in good times and to cry in bad times. True love is playful and grows together without resistance or fear. True love means paying attention to the one you love.

It harmonizes all differences. This means seeking out quality time and regular, mutual intimacy. But, with a little effort, these sparks can certainly be brought back. Seekinh

True love makes us feel vulnerable without being fearful or defensive. When they're happy, you're happy. It comes from giving each other enough space for personal growth and never crossing caaring line, no matter what. But since so many other factors can be involved, it's important not to jump to conclusions, or assume the worst.

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Mutual Respect Respect for each other is the most important factor to sustain true love. This feeling is often similar to the way you'd feel about a best friend; you love them dearly and want them to be happy, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want cring be their partner, or spend your life by their side.

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This lovr when busy schedules collide, and you don't make time for date nightsor affection. When we are in true love, we know what to do. There is no judgment, and we become open to receiving and accepting love, exactly the way it is. It makes us feel safe and protected.

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Effortless and Eternal Attraction When we are truly in love with someone, we discover moments of love and affection in the most normal of situations. Together, they create something so special that it is unique and indestructible.

Seeking out a caring lover

Do they still turn you on? You Can't Live Without Them Andrew Zaeh for Bustle It's possible to love someone and care about what happens to them, and yet not love them in a romantic, long-lasting kind of way.

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Growth True love always loved personal and spiritual growth. While it is crucial to trust the person with whom we are in love, it is equally important to trust ourselves. But you know you're truly in love when someone else's emotions have the ability to impact your entire day. But couples who are in love usually have that passion, while also appreciating other things about their partner, and making an effort outside the bedroom to build a relationship that's even more intimate, in many ways.

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carring But when you really think about what the saying means, it can start to make more sense. When words have meaning and are said with a good intentions, it's never difficult to let them out. Even in relationships, we attract people who are reflections and extensions of our true selves. It's also possible that this feeling may indicate you're with someone who's more of a friend; someone you love, but don't view as a long-term partner.

So if you can't be bothered to muster the energy to see your partner, you may not be in love.

It's not about fulfilling our own selfish desires, but about working on a common goal. And therein lies a major difference.