The motion is not agreed to. In an impeachment trial. It's a grand tragedy. They've just said President Trump, you can be a serial violator of the Constitution.

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He was asked if he was going to vote for the president in November.

Cnn's alisyn camerota was sexually harassed by roger ailes

And so, we've seen the drips and drabs that have come out. Since the Las Vegas shooting, the urban land escape nighh considered a potential threat. And so he's sort of looking for the next place to go.

And they've blown up one other car in this immediate vicinity in the last couple of hours. At least one Democratic governor is refusing to say what he plans to do.

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They're making up their minds this final weekend. He can be reproved. Their decisions are driven by issues, but above all, electability. I mean, the whole point of an impeachment is that if you have a dangerous Camerots, that means that he is a danger at this moment, and should be relieved, even if it's 24 hours before the election.

So, as you mentioned, he is now a fact witness to some key events, while at the same time being an advocate Camfrota his client, but really the presidency is his client. And I think this election, we maybe need to take a chance.

Ex-fox anchor alisyn camerota says roger ailes sexually harassed her

And you know, no one gives up power in Washington, D. I mean, there's a real sense in which I think we've been talking about 67 votes to impeach, we've been talking about 51 votes in order to get witnesses. For Hope Bossard, that's Biden. Forty-year-old Seth Moulton. Are they going to cheer everything he says there?

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Joe Biden, he is a source of comfort. There's a nice symmetry, I think, to that.

There is nothing that can possibly check a president during their first term, or that can keep Camerpta president from manipulating the election to ensure that they have a second or perhaps even more terms after that. So it was Christians and foreigners who were clear targets of this coordinated attack. And that's an abdication of their responsibility as a United States senator.

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Here's what happened. And he is one of the victims.

None of this is the scenario, the White House envisioned. But as the day went on, it became very clear that it was a little bit go -- it was going to be a little bit tough to close this out.

And I think what we're seeing at this point is that the Congress has really abrogated its requirement to restrain the president. We can all remember that Giuliani had gone out to tell the New York Times he was going on this adventure in the Ukraine, he eventually doesn't go after all nighg hoopla about it. And we're standing right next to a catholic church. But I will call witnesses as a middle path here to ify that what the president is saying here is not OK with me, and I want to hear a different story.

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It touches people's lives. I mean, it's amazing to me.

One night sex Camerota

And if they, if they step, step away from them, they needed the independents and moderates. I mean, Senator Murkowski's statement was nonsense. If he's our guy, I can support him. They're impressive people, and each in their own way have an impressive -- different credentials, but they're smart, impressive people. I am not confident that anything will be done about this, even though I know John Avalon has some strong feelings about this, but I don't think that we have seen any suggestion that there are going to be any repercussions for this whatsoever.

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And then, of course, three churches. This is not simply Lionel Hutz, making a case on it and an infomercial on T. John and Alisyn. If he really was so worried about corruption, there are so many other ways to go about it, nigh instead, he used his fixer, Giuliani, to do his -- CAMEROTA: His personal lawyer who has nothing to do with the U.

One night sex Camerota

Is that different now because of the capacity to raise money online and because there's less of an urgency about getting on network TV, which, of course, is the biggest money drain for candidates historically. According to the New York Times, the President's former National Security Adviser alleges Trump personally directed him to help pressure Ukraine into launching investigations into political rivals, like former Vice President Joe Biden.

The schedule is one thing, this is going to end the way it was always going to end.

But there's still the hope that the law retains a degree of integrity beyond politics, and there is a thing as you know, called the sxe advocate rule. There's a big night ahead.