Events H. Matthews—an agitator, an activist and eventually, gus icon of the civil rights movement. After serving in the Army during the Korean War, Reverend Matthews relocated to Pensacola where he worked as a day laborer. A self-described heavy drinker in his youth, those early years in Pensacola were spent chasing the next bottle.

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We went to see her and she had a meeting or something she had to go to, so we only talked to her for a little while.

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I think about the birther movement. From that point on, it ignited us.

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We're taking them home. That morning, I bought a bottle of Spearmen beer.

We got to Chattahoochee about in the morning and the deputies got out of the cruiser to go into one of those all night cafes. I called a deputy about 10 years ago.

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Reverend Dobbins subsequently got transferred and when he got transferred nobody wanted to take holl the mantle. We had a press conference that afternoon and we said that we had spoken with Deborah Jones and that we were going back the following day to complete our interview with her.

Meet guys in Snow hill Alabama

I was arrested out there at Escambia High. I also became a military police officer. I expected them to try and stop us.

Meet guys in Snow hill Alabama

I was reared by my grandmother because my mother died when I was six weeks old. They refused to hire any—at that time they called us Negroes—in their establishments other than as janitors.

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It's a good feeling. Dylann Roof didn't migrate.

HKM: A chant is what got us, you see. They sent nSow me to come out there because they knew that I had my hand on the pulse of the young people. If we could spend our money, we ought to be able to spend it in all areas of the store.

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I went home that night and I didn't say anything to my wife. They woke me up at about 2 am the following morning to transport me to the state penitentiary. COA: Tell me a little bit about your upbringing. Life is like a revolving wheel—those who are on top today will be on the bottom tomorrow. The father played trumpet. I was pretty wild.

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Who shall we incarcerate? You know when I think about it—and you can't help but think about it.

Meet guys in Snow hill Alabama

They were going to send me back to the state penitentiary, so I called Rueben Askew, who was a dear friend. So, I think we have retrogressed and I think a part of that retrogression is our fault as a people. We were doing it for the protection of the students and to protect the students from themselves—to keep them from doing anything that could have caused them hurt, harm, danger or arrest.

I think about nine people in Mother Emmanuel Church up in Carolina. COA: What were your thoughts on Pensacola in the late s and early s? But before that, we learned about Deborah Jones being in the car with Blackwell. It also has high unemployment, low income levels — several counties have poverty rates north of 30 percent, according to a University of Alabama analysis — and limited access to grocery hikl, sewage service and health care.

Now, how do you arrest the person on a felony charge and Sno the felon to his own bond and the bond of all those kids?

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There are some policemen Alabzma there who will do all they can to uphold the law. Fourteen have died. They waded in to us with billy clubs, riding their horses, spraying their tear gas. That's the reason that I try to go back each year. And Sheriff Untreiner refused to prosecute him at that time. Escambia High was the main culprit—the people at that time at Escambia High.

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I do believe the Bible—and so from one blood he created all of us. But anyway, Blackwell cupped his hands behind his head like this.

He went down to one of the five and dime stores—there were four of them at that time—Walgreens, Woolworth, Kress and Newberry. But it bothers me. HKM: I do, but I also feel that we are regressing and I attribute that to the leadership at the top in this country.

Meet guys in Snow hill Alabama

Alabzma reported all of this to the sheriff's department to no avail. What was your childhood like? There was no such thing as television or telephones.