Latino Can sex education make a difference amid El Salvador's violence, conservatism? A sex-ed program focusing on respect and gender equity, some hope, could help reduce teen pregnancy, improve girls' lives and curb gender violence. This centro escolar or school is located along the dividing line that separates two gang-controlled territories in Panchimalco, El Salvador. Because it's a neutral zone, the young men act like regular students, even playing soccer scrimages against members of the opposing gang. This is one of the schools where educators are trying to use a modest form of sex education to reduce teen pregnancy and improve young people's lives. According to a United Nations report, 1 out of every 3 pregnancies in El Salvador is of a female between the ages of 10 and

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The paragraph states that any dispute between states that is not resolved through negotiation shall go to arbitration. We would especially like to thank the staff at the participating hospitals and the study participants who made this survey possible.

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In womsn seventh periodic report inthe government of El Salvador responded to the Committee that the Salvadoran Constitution does address the issues of concern, citing articles 32, 37, 53, 65, 71, 72, and of the country's constitution. Upon its enactment inRed Solidaria brought into effect conditional cash transfers targeted to families with pregnant women and children under 15 years old who had not received education beyond the 6th grade.

The de of the study was cross-sectional, therefore causality could not be established. Students at a centro escolar, or school south of San Salvador play soccer during recess.

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This disparity only increases as years of schooling increases. By the time she was fourteen, she had become pregnant with his.

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In "The Left and Life in El Salvador," Jocelyn Viterna points out that such views powerfully ignore the reality for many Salvadoran women, given that many of them have little control over their own sexual encounters. The report cites some of the violations as lack Matrue access to social security and maternity benefits, poor working conditions, and exposure to violence and sexual harassment.

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Salcador People who were aware they were HIV infected for more than one year had safer practices with casual partners, which may indicate that changes in behavior with knowledge of HIV status might be improved over time, as in other settings [ 41 ]. Surveillance strategies are needed to periodically collect information from HIV-positive individuals; these data are essential to monitor trends in behaviors and assess coverage of ART and other interventions. A few private initiatives in El Salvador have been SSalvador to increase condom access for female sex workers and MSM [ 39 ]; but more needs to be done through the public health system to guarantee condom access to HIV-positives already in care at the main public hospitals in the country.

Variables Associated with Unprotected Sex in Multivariate Analysis We evaluated variables associated with unprotected sex with the last stable partner of HIV-negative or mude status and with the last casual partner.

Syphilis epidemiology in Norway, resurgence among men who have sex with men BMC Infect Dis ; 10 1 : Men and women in El Salvador have the same rights to vote, run for office, organize, etc. In an effort to address this, the Ministry of Education created a national sex-ed curriculum in and a plan to integrate it in public schools.

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This work was supported by Tephinet Inc. Lorena Rios. Accurate surveillance information is key to improve evidence based allocation of resources for prevention, especially in the context of El Salvador were prevention for most at risk populations is underfunded [ 36 - 38 ].

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InLim argued that maquiladoras offer women a good alternative and an opportunity to work in the formal sector. They make the point that gender relations have changed very little since the proliferation of maquiladoras. According to the USAID, "Inwomen with 10—12 years of education earned 15 percent less than men with the same level of education; women with 13 years or more of education earned 24 percent less than men with similar education levels; and women with 1—3 years of education earned 6 percent less than men with 1—3 years of education.

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Rather than talking ov birth control, consent and the right to pleasure, the national sex-ed curriculum focuses on healthy relationships, self-esteem, gender equity and gender roles, as well as human rights, in particular respect and equality. The last two governments have supported sex education and allowed the Ministry of Education to partner with civic groups and international organizations to work on the curriculum and create implementation strategies.

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Archived from the original on August 22, Salvadog Suicide has become a way out for young women and girls experiencing abuse. The U. It's hard for Bianca to talk about this, so her mother steps in. Both of these are below the average for El Salvador's Human Development group, which reports The study demonstrated that it was feasible to recruit large s of HIV patients, collect biological specimens, and to administer interviews through ACASI despite low educational levels.

Inthe Salvadoran Institute for the Development of Women reported that they had received 4, reports of domestic violence.

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While in andthe country experienced a decrease in the of these, there were still women that died for being Sxlvador during this period. Scholars such as Linda Lim and Naila Kabeer argue that the maquila sector has not had a negative effect on women. He negotiated the girl's return by convincing the young man to let her go in exchange for a bag of groceries every month.

The sex education program, with an emphasis on respect and human rights, also seeks to curb violence — including gender violence — that makes El Salvador one of the world's most dangerous places.

Salvadoe Variables considered for the multivariate model for unprotected sex with last casual partner were: education, time since HIV diagnosis, condom access, and forced sex. InEl Salvador was the first country to ratify the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement, which has bolstered the export of processed foods, sugar, and ethanol, and supported investment in the apparel sector amid increased Asian competition.

In addition, 96 percent of all births were attended by skilled health personnel, compared to the Rivas helped launch the sex-ed curriculum in partnership with civic organizations as a response to high teen pregnancy rates and the surge in gender-based violence. For woemn, she is trying to overcome the trauma of her boyfriend's death and the prospect of raising her son without his father.

InSalvadoran officials reported investigating 76 potential cases of human trafficking, with 15 traffickers being convicted. The law defines sexual harassment as any unwanted physical contact; it does not address non-physical neww such as verbal harassment.

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This is one of the schools where educators are trying to use a modest form Sxlvador sex education to reduce teen pregnancy and improve young people's lives. The national sex-ed curriculum spans from first grade to high school, but it is yet to be implemented in every grade level.

Men, and in particular MSM in this study, had a high prevalence of syphilis and active syphilis. Retrieved August 17, Track Your Mture. Additional reporting by Hiba Dlewati and Julia Gavarrete. Nevertheless, as ofwomen made

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