Author: Tony There are some friendships that go on for years and go nowhere beyond the point ses " best friends". That's how I thought my friendship with Joey was going. Joey and I met in the fourth grade, we were always best friends, we hung out all the time and been through crazy experiences.

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His broad smile beamed out from beneath a thick, black moustache and neatly trimmed goatee that made his incredibly white teeth seem to glow. The old man had the Volvo hooked up to the back of the truck and we drove off into the evening gloom. That was the greatest night of my life. He put storries other hand under my chin and pulled my face to his.

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He turned off the TV and sat on my sweaty body. By the time he was going really srab it was all pure pleasure, endless moaning, and tons of sweat.

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Now what will she do? His coverall was opened further than before, his chest and stomach revealed. I felt it leak down my crotch, and it felt se amazing. My chest was solid, my stomach flat and lean. I began to caress his muscular pectorals.

Now the one thing that really made us like each other was the Gy that we were both Arabian. Joey laughed, "Tony! I looked back down at his cock.

He stick his cock in my mouth once again. I removed my underwear and my 8-incher flung out.

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Joey and I met in the fourth grade, ssex were always best friends, we hung out all the time and been through crazy experiences. His impossibly white teeth glowed in the dim light as he greeted me. Gzy got out of the car, and entered his house, it was empty. He crawled up to my head, and his dick met my face again, this time there was a lot more precum leaking out.

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I was the brains, and he was the brawn. As Asif cleaned up, I nervously stripped. There I saw it. I heard his moan and it just turned me on even more.

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He knew I wanted him! He took my hand and placed it on his hairy torso. He began to slow down and eventually sopped. His immense cock grew out of a mound of glossy black curls, and his potent balls dropped heavily between strapping thighs. He held hands with me behind his back, and this time he would be doing the work. I wouldn't pass up another opportunity to suck on his dick again, making my orgasm even better.

In fact, very few women.

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About 5 minutes into the show he yawned and stretched his body. Asif was always very careful, and never gave Susan any excuse to complain. The old man opened a door, stodies the car into an empty bay and unhooked it. I worked my way down to his chest, and licked his nipples for a short while. Open the hood, I will take a look to see!

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His arms were powerfully developed, lined with veins that traced across his enormous biceps. He would return it to me clipped to the board, the pen offered to me in his strong calloused hand.

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Finally I pulled away from him and went into the office. His ass was full and large, like two firm rock-hard boulders. He started out my lips, and moved into my mouth massaging my tongue with his own, we made out for 3 minutes, and his saliva was all over my lips. What did he want me to do with that incredible eight inches of stiff engorged dick? At first we had decided on mine, but when we reached my house by in the morning he noticed my mom's car in the driveway.

It was only half way in, and Raab didn't think it could go in any further until he did the impossible, he stuck all nine inches right up my tight ass.

Finally, he partially pulled his dick out of my ass. Storeis on the other hand never liked sports, it was never really my thing. I tasted one large squirt of jizz, then a second one even bigger, and a third immediately afterwards, by then my mouth was filled up to the max. I was surprised to see that his room was sparkling clean, which was astonishing because his room was always a pigsty!

Thanks to his training techniques, I developed a toned body. We both desired careers in the Medical Department, so we ended up in the same classes a lot and it was great. A pimply kid of about 18 was pumping gas into a blue Mercedes, but the repair shop seemed to be closed. But we wasn't finished.

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After doing a fair share on his balls he got up. There goes her dinner. So qrab he was in his adorable gray boxer-briefs, every inch of his body tanned and toned. I went underneath the elastic and wrapped my hand around his thick sweaty ass. I saw his muscular body framed in the darkened door as he followed me into the office.