The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis Elderly Dottie Hinson Anne Cartwright is a former player on the nation's first women's baseball league in the s. As catcher for the Rockford Peaches, she helped break gender barriers and earn nationwide respect for herself oFrt the teams. Recently widowed, she nervously prepares to attend a reunion with her former teammates, including her younger sister Kit, also a league player, who Dottie rarely sees.

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She encounters Dottie, and apologizes for running into her. It's a victory for "Free the Nipple," a global movement seeking equal treatment for women.

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The players quickly amp up their game, making flashy plays, increasing the excitement. During their reunion, another former player real-life women's baseball player Dolores "Pickles" Lee-Dries points Dottie out to a reporter, saying that though "she only played one year", she was still the best player the league had ever seen.

Jimmy sends an angry Kit to the dugout and calls Ellen Sue in to finish the game.

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Kit runs into Dottie, knocking the ball loose and touching home plate, winning the game for the Belles, Before she leaves with Bob, Jimmy warns her that she would regret the decision to leave so hastily, countering Dottie's argument that playing had become "too hard" for her. And now the city has formally removed the law from its public nudity statutes.

Cillins, Mae and Doris are also on the Peaches. During the introduction, the girls find out that many stereotypes of women will be involved.

Ira challenges Walter to give him the reigns of the league and let him continue the league himself. After that, she tears up and throw away the photograph of Charlie she was carrying. Before facing the final batter, Jimmy and Dottie visit the mound, and Dottie decides that Kit is finished. He turned it down, deciding to remain the manager of the Peaches.

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Kit clearly has a rivalry with Dottie, believing that their parents and the rest of the town see her as inferior to her older sister. After the game, Lowenstein chastizes the indifferent Jimmy for napping during the entire game. A young lady, Kit Keller Lori Pettyis on deck. Walter Harvey Garry Marshalla candy bar mogul and MLB team owner, holds an owners' meeting to determine what they should do if the American and National Leagues deem it necessary to shut down.

Jimmy says that few people have ever reached Dottie's level of skill and dedication and that the game being hard is what makes it great.

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The scene fades back to the present day, with Dottie again at Doubleday Field. During the game, Walter Harvey has a meeting with Ira Lowenstein, revealing he intends to close the league at the end of the season. The decision not to fight the ban effectively makes it legal for women to go topless in the six states that fall under the 10th Circuit: Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

After the game, Doris jokes to Kit that she's getting "too big" to finish her own games. The prohibition on public exposure of breasts by women and girls over 10 years old is now gone from the city code as of this week.

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Kit takes offense to that, prompting Doris to throw a ball hard at her head. As the tryout is given, a radio program is played with a debutante deriding ggirls idea of women's baseball, calling it the "masculinization of women".

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Doris Vera Johnson and Mae Eunice Anderson are the first to recognize her, and confirm it by throwing a baseball at her, which she again catches with her bare hands, even though she's now in her seventies. He re the telegram stating that one of the team members' husbands has colins killed in action.

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The shortstop, Ellen Sue Gotlander Freddie Simpsonthrows the ball at his head, knocking him silly. Helen gets squeezed, and grounds out to first base for out two. That night, an irate Kit reveals she's been traded to the Racine Belles. At the end of the game, Harvey comes up to Lowenstein, and agrees to keep the league running. Afterward in the clubhouse, Kit yells at Dottie, feeling like she's being held back.

Bob was in the stands for the game, cheering her on.

The Peaches determine to suck it up and prove their mettle on the field ndw their first game, against the South Bend Blue Sox. Lowenstein interjects to their protests, and insists that the rules be followed.

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During another bus ride, Dottie and Jimmy talk about their personal lives, particularly her husband Bob, who is fighting in Europe but has been out of contact for a while. As they are milking the cows at their parents' farm, Ernie Capadino finds them and offers Dottie a tryout for the upcoming league. In the bottom of the ninth, one of the Belles' players gets a hit, giving Kit a shot to win the game for the Belles.

The other girls are worried clolins not having a lineup. She arrives in New York, and ss she stands at the gate of Doubleday Field the memories flood back.

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The rejection angers both Dottie and Kit, who refuse to leave with Capadino. A second newsreel plays, exhibiting the new women's baseball league, and profiling several of the players for the Peaches. Dottie reminds Ellen Sue to feed Kit high fastballs. Lowenstein arrives and tells the Peaches that Life Magazine is there to do an article about the league, and Dottie is going to be their profile feature.

In February, when it was cold enough that few would want to go topless in the community north of Denver, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a federal judge's conclusion that the law amounted to unconstitutional discrimination. It's clear the attraction is mutual, and Nelson offers to take Marla home himself. Jimmy is impressed, but still doesn't think the girls are "real" ballplayers.

The game goes on, and in the bottom of the ninth inning, Dottie hits a pitch for a three-run home run to win the game for the Peaches. Dottie confirms that she is indeed retiring. He asks the former player if he is still an alcoholic, but he implies he is when he can afford it. Mae plans to give Miss Cuthbert food poisoning to get away with it.