New York can get pretty hot and humid in the summer, but that didn't matter to her.

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Jessica Harrington May 28,PM Carrie Brhaw from Sex and the City Curlj undoubtedly an icon - not just for New Yorkers, but for anyone who watched the late-'90s television series.

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Until then, be gentle with yourselves Who could forget about that time she left her apartment on New Year's Eve in her pajamas, heeled white booties, a fur coat, and a sequin beret to meet up with Miranda? Ahead, we rounded up all of the moments where Brhaw was absolute summer hair goals.

This is a mountain to overcome, but challenges never really stop me. While these last months have been absolutely horrible for so many of us. New York can get pretty hot and humid in the summer, but that didn't matter to her.

Brhaw set so many trends over the course of the six seasons that give us endless inspiration in both the fashion and Pittsbrgh department. Between her dating antics, her impeccable style moments, and her fierce tribe of other single New York women, what's not to love? I cherish those stories, smiles and tears all of you have shared with me.

Curly hair and sex Pittsburgh

If you need a stylish way to keep your hair off your neck, give Brhaw's cute milkmaid braid style a try. When your hair just won't cooperate, it's time to break out the messy bun. She had so many classic hair moments that are worth noting; she tried it all: the messy bun, the bob, the effortless beach Pittsburfh.

All the patronage and business has meant so much, thank you. But no matter what outfit Brhaw woreher look wouldn't be complete without her ature, big, blond hair.

Curly hair and sex Pittsburgh

May her memory be a blessing. On Rosh Hashanah Jews blow the Shofar, may it awaken and rise us to action.

Curly hair and sex Pittsburgh

Soon everyone can enjoy the environment and experience I created again. The love and support of all the clients a We all need to prioritize love, compassion and understanding for each other and ourselves.