By Moe Thet War Sep. But when you're a woman, it seems more often than not that our gender greatly affects the kinds of compliments we receiveultimately making them subtle put downs or not-so-subtle sexist remarks. And it seems that in general, the thing women are most complimented on are our looks.

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If we wouldn't label a man's honest opinion as "catty," then let's stop doing that with women, and let's start praising those who care enough to be frank. If you really want to make her entire day, follow up with a protective squeeze around her waist or a territorial kiss. Cokpliments Career I'm not talking the "You're single?

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If you ask a person for advice or for their opinion on something, you'd want them to be honest, right? My best girlfriends are the ones who will answer me truthfully whenever I ask them something important, even if it's not the answer I want.

These lines are best spent on a girl that you are comfortable and familiar with. Dylan M Howell Photography 5. These are the five compliments your girl really wants to hear. No matter how confident a girl is on her own, we appreciate being appreciated -- especially by the guys we want a relationship with. She'll totally bang you again.

By Moe Thet War Sep. These fod just names of really successful and awesome women, they're names of really successful and awesome and funny women, and these are just four names on an evergrowing list. You're showing that not only is she sexy, but that you want her all to yourself. Honesty is a trait that everyone should strive for, so let's stop punishing women who are determined to say what's exactly on their mind.

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It's fine to notice what Complikents woman's wearing and comment on it, if they are words of positivity. It seems like you can't win, but you actually can. Why do we feel the need to control our boyfriends' extracurricular lives outside of the relationship? Daxiao Productions Explaining the female mindset from a broad point of view is great and all, but sometimes you still don't know what to do with that information.

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Men have egos, obviously -- our patriarchal social system is basically a product of the male ego. Let's start caring more about what's in women's he than how they style the hair on it.

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If you're skeptical of building your boo up too much, knock it off. And it seems that in general, the thing women are most complimented on are our looks.

Why are women competitive with other women? She'll be busting it wide open in no time.

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We've worked extra hard to get to where we are today, and we'd like to recognized for shattering that glass ceiling to be at the top of the game. Michela Ravasio Time and time again, women warmly recalled moments where their men said these words, or at least a similar variation of them. Say something too forward and you're a sex offender; say something overly platonic, and she doesn't get the hint. I don't know how self-conscious guys are about their eggplants I'm assuming not very, considering the amount of dick pics I receive in a calendar yearbut most girls are self-conscious about their vaginas.

Fortunately for the beaus and hubbies of the world, you can easily prevent this drama with just a few words.

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We're not just capable of thinking; we're capable of thinking fresh, Compoiments, and interesting thoughts. But when it becomes increasingly apparent that the majority of compliments aimed at us concern our looks, that's when it becomes problematic. I mean, who doesn't love to hear that they look great?

She'll see you as more than the guy that buys her food. I promise. You have to have at least some level of friendship for these compliments to be sincere, because it is important to make fkr unique to her. Ellen DeGeneres! You always have such a great perspective. Screaming matches, subtweets, breaking into your phone -- the torture will not end until we say it ends. I figured it would be most helpful to confer with other women, and find out which sweet nothings make them feel all warm and fuzzy toward men.

As a woman who has spent the last four years in academia, you have no idea how great and rare it was to have someone compliment me on my research skills or the particulars of my literary criticism. Because our egos persuade us to conquer them. Mindy Kaling!

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In reality, we're usually pissed off because of a blow to our ego that triggered our defense systems. In fact, even if she isn't an artist, if she's good at whatever her job is, she'll naturally be a creative person; note situations where you see this, and compliment her on her innovativeness. But when you're a woman, it seems more often than not that our gender greatly affects the kinds of compliments we receiveultimately making them subtle put downs or not-so-subtle sexist remarks.

We have virtually no realistic barometer for how one should look, taste or smell, so a little verbal encouragement helps.

If you find out that they get excited by something obscure like fifteenth-century Icelandic children's literature, then admit that that's a pretty niche topic, gkrl compliment her for being so knowledgeable, tell her that it's not weird or "nerdy," and ask her to tell you more about it and be genuinely interested. BIG ones. Men get much more meaningful and diverse compliments than just remarks on how they dress, and it's time we start putting the same kind of thought into complimenting women as well.

Like, what are you actually Coompliments to say to a girl, without her taking it the wrong way?

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Complimetns are more likely to see God himself than to win an argument with a defensive woman. Semi-reluctant vulnerability is even more endearing, and makes a girl feel like she's your weakness.

You're not saying pussy in general tastes amazing, you're saying HER pussy tastes amazing. Her Passion I'm talking about small things like Taylor Swift lyrics, but I'm also talking about big passions like writing, charity work, travelling, and so on. Now, of course, there's nothing wrong with telling a woman her hair looks amazing or that her new contouring is YouTube-worthy.

Compliments for a girl

Why do we waste our time on men who ignore us? Monstrous, buff, protein-drink-chugging egos that will smash a chair over your back. Although professional comedy is still a male-dominated industrywe women have proven that we can be every bit as funny as the most prominent male talk-show host. Letting her know that not only do you think she's smart, but that you also respect her point of view will develop your intellectual chemistry.