In most episodes Brand was ed by his co-host Matt Morgan who would often steer him in certain directions regarding what to talk about. Brand sometimes called in a variety of his celebrity friends as well, including Noel FieldingJonah Hill and Morrisseyto talk on the show each week. On 11 OctoberS,uts Baddiel co-hosted Brand's show. Baddiel recalled having met Georgina Baillie at Brand's home and being told that her grandfather was actor Andrew Sachs.

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She sanctioned its broadcast with a single word e-mail of "Yes" sent from her BlackBerry. The Conservative Party described his comments, which were made in a discussion on his Facebookas "outrageous and unacceptable". It is a big PR success for him Gallagher said he had spoken to Brand, who told Gallagher he was "going to fall on his sword".

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Calling me that in public, not only does it damage my relationship with my granddad but it could permanently damage my life as well", despite having declared apathy to the sentiment referenced in the latter sentence on her Myspace. The chairman of the House of Commons select committee on culture, media and sportJohn Whittingdalestated that an investigation by the BBC was needed, but stopped short of calling for Ross and Brand to be sacked.

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I wonder how much it has to do with trying to comfort him. London, UK.

Asked by Neil if receiving an apology from Brand and Ross had mattered to her, she said yes, as she had been "publicly offended and humiliated", and her grandfather "had been humiliated too". He will have no problem with his career.

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Baddiel recalled having met Georgina Baillie at Brand's home and being told that her grandfather was actor Andrew Sachs. Of course souts is not worth the money, but he is good at his job. That is showbusiness. Thompson offered a personal and unreserved apology to Sachs and his family. The Guardian.

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Slurs also demurred about calling for the reations of anyone in BBC management, saying that "[i]t is wrong, in principle, for politicians to be calling for he of individual broadcasting to be removed", and criticised the BBC for not releasing the name of the person who had given the green light for the show to be broadcast. In his apology to Sachs, Brand said: "What's worse — leaving a swearword on Aluts Sachs ' answerphone or tacitly supporting Adolf Hitler when he took charge of the Third Reich?

According to The TimesRoss was nominated soon after he was banned. Similarly Brand would not be hosting his regular Saturday-night Radio 2 show or appearing as a guest captain on an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks due to be aired on 30 October; the episode had been taped slutz his reation, and aired on BBC Two on 19 Januarymore than 2 years after the incident.

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On 11 OctoberDavid Baddiel co-hosted Brand's show. Retrieved 3 April In his acceptance speech, Brand dedicated his award to Ross.

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In the first message, Brand joked about Fawlty Towers and the fact that both he and Sachs had appeared in The Billbut was interrupted by Ross shouting out "he fucked your granddaughter". In an interview he said "I don't think this will cause any problems for Russell Brand. The rest of the message and the following three messages were all characterised by Brand and Ross attempting to apologise for Ross's outburst, but each quickly descended into farce; for example, Brand sang to Sachs: "It was consensual and she wasn't menstrual", and Ross asked to marry him.

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In a speech at the London School of Economics the day he had criticised the sljts by the BBC to broadcast the programme, which had been recorded 2 days prior to its transmission, saying that "[t]he BBC was quite wrong to take the decision to broadcast the offensive phone calls". However, he also suggested that the Prime Minister should get on with more important matters than complaining about media gossip.

He went on to say that the attitude displayed by the complainants and the BBC's backing down would have, in earlier times, precluded the production of much of what was at the time edgy comedy and made culture poorer for it citing Monty Python's Flying CircusThe Day Today and The Young Ones amongst others as shows that would have not been commissioned owing to their controversial content.

He continued: "It's the ones that look respectable and decent but underneath it all are complete sluts that you got to watch out for. More on this story.

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Subsequently the first one Adam and I wrote together was Rubber Medusa, which was about Russell, Adam came up with the title which is a quote from the Jubilee film, [Brand] does look like a rubber Medusa so I see why he said it. Nobody is saying he hasn't got talent, but what he did was so disgusting.

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He said: "When I posted that comment it was at a time when I was having some relationship troubles - a long time before I ed the party, and a long time before I was even thinking I would be running for political office. Which is not on the album, which is called Gun in Your Pocket Baillie and Ant composed a second track about the Ross-Brand affair, Rubber Medusa, a song focussed mainly on Brand and written from Baillie's Bvc.

That is how it happens. Some were amazed at the comments sluhs the Prime Minister, with one person observing that "[t]he financial markets are wrecked and all he can do is talk about a petty joke.

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Ross' return attracted 25 complaints and 3 messages of support to the BBC. Mr Tamiz, from Margate, said he wanted to apologise to anyone he offended. I'm not angry, I just don't believe it.

When asked by Abbott if all the publicity surrounding the Brand row had helped her career, she responded "not necessarily Mark Thompson said that because of her knowledge of the broadcast, she had to shoulder some of the responsibility. Like Douglas, [29] he had been aware of the contents of the show, and had sanctioned the segment's broadcast. But how many heard the original transmission and how many are responding to the newspapers' quotes or others' arguments?